Dear Int’l Sake Makers

Welcome to Sake World Cup 2021!

Due to the Corona pandemic, we are not hosting this event in 2020.

[Host Organization]
Sakeワールドカップ 実行委員会  Sake World Cup Committee

[Supporting Organizations]
Sake 2020 Project (John Gauntner/Haruo MATSUZAKI)
● きた産業株式会社 Kita Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
● 日本酒輸出協会 Japan Sake Export Association

● 有限会社ジェイホッパーズ J-Hoppers Inc. 

[Chief Organizers 責任者]
● Haruo MATSUZAKI 松崎晴雄
● Koji UENOYAMA  上野山 広司

Dear international sake brewers,

"Sake" has already become an international common term with the recent rapid growth of Japanese dietary culture all around the world. The Sake World Cup Committee was founded in 2018 with a strong wish to serve as a bridge between international sake makers and the Japanese sake world. We held the first Sake World Cup in June 2018 and we introduced 10 international sake breweries and their sakes in Kyoto. In 2019, we scaled this up and did a larger events in Tokyo and Kyoto, the modern and ancient capitals of Japan. 21 int'l sake makers sent us bottles then, and we look forward to making this momentum even bigger in the future.

What is Sake World Cup?
Sake World Cup is a unique tasting event where internationally made sakes are introduced in Japan every year to raise awareness of the growing sake culture all over the world. Sake lovers enjoy sakes made outside Japan and appreciate the stories behind the products. This year will be even larger than last year and we are sure that we will continue to grow as international sake making grows.

Giving opportunities for international sake makers to be exposed and connect with Japanese sake lovers and breweries

Raising domestic awareness of the growing international sake culture in order to stimulate the Japanese sake market

Sake to the world

[Schedule/Venue for 2021 will be announced on this page]

[How to become a partner]
Sake World Cup couldn’t be possible without your support. You’ll officially be part of us by contributing your sake to Sake World Cup Committee. Please submit an online form below. Attendance is not mandatory, though, we’d love to actually have you at the event if possible.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Sake World Cup Executive Committee

Information for "2018, 2019"
-Amount of sake we need-
Minimum 9 liters in total (There will be three separate sessions, e.g. 12 bottles of 750ml = 9 liters, 3 liters/session.) It can be in any size of bottle. We will help you with suggestions for shipping, if necessary.

-Payment for your contribution-

This helps cover the cost for your sake, shipping, and handling fees. We’d like to support international breweries as best as we can. Therefore in the event of any extra expenses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

                                    ***More details will be given to participants***

We wish the whole sake industry across the world a bright future and continued prosperity.