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What is this?

SAKE World Cup is a unique tasting event where internationally made sakes are introduced in Japan to raise awareness of the growing sake culture all over the world. People enjoy sakes made outside Japan and appreciate brewers and the stories behind the products. 

2018 KYOTO with 10 International Breweries
2019 KYOTO and TOKYO with 21 International Breweries
2019 OSAKA Follow-Up Tasting
2020 OSAKA, KYOTO, TOKYO Suspended for the Pandemic

sake to the world


You and japan

Giving opportunities for international sake makers to be connected with the Japanese sake world

future of sake

Raising awareness of the growing “international” sake culture in order to stimulate both Japanese and overseas sake market

A variety of characters and experiences




President: SAKE Marketing House Co., Ltd.
Chairman: Japan Sake Export Association

Judge of international sake competitions (The U.S. National Sake Appraisal, ISC, etc.)Writer (Sake Guidebook, the SAKE BOOK, etc.



President: Glue Japan LLC
Former Daimon Brewery’s project leader 

Hana Sake Bar / Sake School Osaka
Member of Japanese Gov. Project “Walk in US, Talk on Japan”


executive member

President: Tokyo Sake-Ten
Founder: Medetashi -sake restaurant & shop-

Born in Asamai, Yokote city, Akita. Hitotsubashi University graduate. In December 2013, launched Tokyo Sake-ten. 

we need you

How to get involved

SAKE World Cup can’t happen without you

Attendance to the event?

Not mandatory, though, we’d love to actually have you at the event

Amount of sake we need

(2018-2019) Nine liters (12 bottles of 750ml) Can be any size of bottle. 

HOw to ship sake?

We will help you with suggestions if necessary. It should be arrived in Japan at least two weeks prior to the event.

we pay for your contribution

USD300.00/brewery (2019)  Unlike other sake “competition”, which we are not, we PAY FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION hoping it covers a portion of the expenses.

Be Part of Sake Globalization