Stay connected with Japan!

Welcome to Sake World Cup! 日本酒ワールドカップへようこそ!

[Organizing Corporation 主催会社]
J-Hoppers Inc. (Kyoto/Osaka) (有) ジェイホッパーズ

Chief Organizer 責任者:  Koji UENOYAMA  上野山 広司
Manager of Hana Sake Bar(by J-Hoppers Inc.) / Hana Sake Barマネージャー
Certified Sake Sommelier for Sake School Osaka / Sake School Osaka主催唎酒師

[Primary Sponsor 特別後援企業]
Daimon Brewery (Osaka) / 大門酒造(大阪)

Not a competition
It is an event where internationally made sakes meet Japan. It is to appreciate sake makers across the world for introducing sake culture with their own visions and ideas. Sake World Cup is designed to bridge international sake makers and Japanese people and breweries.

Stay connected with Japan
This is an opportunity for you to present your brand to Japan. Your name will be exposed on both paper-based and online media. Many Japanese breweries and people are very much interested to see the growing sake culture outside Japan.

Would you like to participate?
Without your support, Sake World Cup will never happen. If you agree with the idea, please send us your sake. Let us introduce your products, your stories and people who sake sake there. Although attending the event is not mandatory, if you can, that would be great.

Please send us the followings.

① Your sake
Please send us as many bottles as possible. If you need instructions for international shipping, please ask us. The minimum quantity we'd like to have is two to three liters. It would be great opportunity for you to be exposed in Japan both at the event and Hana Sake Bar Osaka.

② Presenting materials (posters/cards/photos/t-shirt etc.) 
Anything that people can have better images or ideas of you would be appreciated.

Please tell us how much you'd need to ship your products to us. Our minimum budget per brewery is USD200 (hoping this covers at least shipping and handling, plus some sake). If tax is imposed on Japan side, we will take care of it.

[Shipping Address]
Hana Sake Bar (To: Koji UENOYAMA)
1F 1-8-4 Nishi Shinsaibashi
Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0086

Sake World Cup 2018 KYOTO
Date: June 3rd (Sun)
Venue: Kyoto City Education and Culture Center